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Kim Poulsen gets support from Reda


Kim Poulsen will be without his coach in the corner at his fight at December 15th in Aalborg. Brian Mathiasen left back to Kenya where he is active with his project in Mombasa:

Kim Poulsen will be supported by Reda Zam Zam in the corner. Another dane will be in the corner of Stephan Alms, even the coach who trained him the last 2 months left back to USA. It was Kessler´s coach Jimmy Montoya, who assisted Stephan as well as Mikkel. On Saturday we will know who will be in the corner of Alms.

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Video with Reda Zam Zam, prepared of a tough bout at 08.12.2012


Video: Reda Zam Zam

Reda Zam Zam will fight at Kessler´s fight „A question of honour“ at Dec 8th in Herning. He is very well prepared for his next bout. Reda is making his training in Aarhus with his coach Brian Mathiasen.

His last fight at 29.09.2012 in Hamburg he made the best fight at this event. Reda had last time made sparring with Jack Culcay in Hamburg. Even this time in Herning his coach Brian Mathiasen will be in his corner. His opppnent in Herning is Guido Nicolas Pitto, with a record of 15(6)-1-0 and is ranked at #54! A very tough opponent from Argentina! Reda is ranked #99.




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Video: Brian Mathiasen convinced about Kessler


Video: Brian Mathiasen convinced about Kessler

The boxing expert (at TV2 Fight Nights) and coach Brian Mathiasen is convinced of a victory of Mikkel Kessler. It will not be an easy fight against Brian Magee.

Brian Mathiasen is the coach of Reda Zam Zam, who is even fighting at 08.12.2012 in Herning.

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