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Gladiator Night 4 in Sarajevo with Sturm Box Promotion

In Sarajevo, the wonderful capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, wellknown of the Winter Olympic Games 1984, did Sturm Box Promotion arrange the Gladiator Night 4 at Friday 08.06.2012.

We have got information that it was very good fights for the audience.

Sanel Papic, „The Bomber of Sandzak“, cruiserweight ,  12(9)-0-0 won his fight against his serbian opponent with  TKO in round 2.

The welterweight bout with Emir Telalovic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, won with points the fight of 6 rounds.

In middleweight it was a bout of 4 rounds between Mirsad Cebo, 3-0-0, from Sarajevo and from Belarussia Dzianis „The Rocket“ Makar, 3(3)-7(1)-1.  Cebo won the 4 rounds with points.

Heavyweight Adnan Redzovic, „The Bosnian Lion“,7(3)-0-0, Sarajevo vs Ivica Perkovic, Crostia, 17(13)-14(6)-0 over 12 rounds. Points victory for Redzovic.

Viewing the Gladiator Night 4: Adnan Catic alias Felix Sturm together with his beautiful wife (right) and manager Roland Bebak (left)



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