Maria Lindberg fighting the WBC-title 25.05.2018


The Swedish boxer Maria Lindberg is now getting the title-fight in her normal weightclass. It is a challenge of the WBC World title of superwelterweight.

The bout takes part in Warzaw, the homecountry of Ewa Piatkowska, the holder of the WBC title. At 25.05.2018 the event is on.

Maria has been in training and preparing for fight for long time. She is looking forward to this opportunity. Other options like fighting Shields in USA stocked on permissions. With this WBC fight is Maria Lindberg very happy, it is her big chance for a real big title.

Friday 25, May 2018


Stadion NarodowyWarsawPoland

inspector Krzysztof Krasnicki
television Poland TVP1, Poland TVP Sport
super welterweight Ewa Piatkowska 10 1 0
10×2 Maria Lindberg  16-3-2

Piatkovska vs Lindberg

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