Tijan – The Black Cobra fights in December

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In Sweden we are finding a growing interest of boxing. In heavyweight the shooting star is Adrian „The Pike“ Granat. Erik Skoglund, Anthony Yigit are other big names of Swedish boxers. The best boxer of Sweden is born in Gambia and is living in Las Vegas, USA. He belongs to the Money Team Mayweather: Badou Jack. The best boxer with the best boxers in his team.

Tijan Kebbeh, getting called THE BLACK COBRA is even born in Gambia and lives with his Swedish wife in Sweden. As an amateur The Black Cobra Kebbeh has been fighting as an AIBA boxer in Italy, Africa, Sweden and Norway. Now he is starting his professional career.

His first pro fight will be in Germany. Kebbeh with a weight of 80 kg is getting an opponent of 84 kg. His opponent has one pro fight which he won on KO, so Kebbeh has to beware. It is a great matchmaking that even the Swedish Boxing Committee would be accepting.

The Black Cobra has done all his medicals and has got his license from the EBU-organisation MBA, Malta Boxing Association. The fight in December in Germany will be sanctioned of BDB, even an EBU-organisation. The Black Cobra Kebbeh is in best hands.

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