Night of knock-outs

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PSP Boxing had an excellent event in Rostock, Germany at 15.02.2014.
Therese Gunnarsson, THE GUN, made it quickly. After 1 min 30 sec the referee stopped the fight. Sonja Soknic was down after a series of shuts from Therese. The bodyshot and the shot on Sonja’s head after a short boxing-show from Terese made the end of Therese Gunnarsson’s first professional boxing bout.
Now it will be more fights for THE GUN in Germany and Malta. Next bout will be over six rounds, while Therese hat that capacity. The international career for this Swedish boxer has started! Big thanks to the sponsors who made it possible for Therese. She is sponsored by Gelita Sweden, KÅ Spedition, Fighter Gear and COOP.
Artur Ellensohn, BDF, is proud to have Therese Gunnarsson as a member of BDF. Enrico Schütze, manager of PSP Boxing, is even interested to engage further fights for the Swedish GUN.


Abel Gevor made even a short bout. In the first round he knocked down his opponent.

Saturday 15 February 2014 Allround-Arena, Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
flyweight Therese Gunnarsson debut W Sonja Soknic 0-2(2)-0 KO 1 4

More details and photos later here.

Frank Blümle vs. Goran Milotinovic Cruiser 6 Rounds Won: Blümle K.O R3
Misa Nikolic vs. Gordan Zoric Supermiddle 6 Rounds Won Nikolic t.K.O R3
Jens Tietze vs. Milos Daveden Heavyweight 4 Rounds Won Tietze K.O R1
Nils Schmidt vs. Aleksandar Jankovic Light HW 4 Rounds Won: Schmidt PTS
Steffi Schünke vs. Dajana Bukva Fly 6 Rounds Won: Schünke t.K.O R2
Abel Gevor vs. Aleksandar Kuvac Light HW 6 Rounds Won: Gevor t.K.O R1
Therese Gunnarsson vs. Sonja Soknic Fly 4 Rounds Won: Gunnarsson K.O R1


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