WBF erklärt Frauenkampf des Jahres 2011: Christina Hammer vs Maria Lindberg!

Female Fight Of The Year

Christina Hammer vs. Maria Lindberg (May 27 2011, Usti nad Labem, Czechia)

WBF Womens World Middleweight Championship

What a fight! The boxrec # 1 middleweight (Hammer) vs the boxrec # 1 superwelterweight (Lindberg)! Both undefeated in a combined 16 pro bouts! Both holding two titles each in their respective divisions (Hammer the WBF and WBO versions, Lindberg the lesser WIBF and WIBA belts). What more could any fan ask? Oh, yes, a good fight, of course. And that is exactly what it was! Both fought their hearts out and after 10 heated rounds, Christina had the last laugh with scores of 97:93 (twice) and 98:92. Obviously, this ‘Female Fight of the Year’ also played a huge role in Hammer collecting our ‘Female Fighter of the Year’ award as well as her coach Dirk Dzemski snatching ‘Trainer of the Year’ honours.

Congratulations, Christina & Maria

Figosport:  http://www.figosport.de/profiboxen/2111-christina-hammer-wbf-fighterin-des-jahres-2011.html

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