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Löwenherz ist zurück am 17.06.2017 in Halle


Der talentierte Boxer Aram Khachatryan oder Löwenherz, wie auf deutsch übersetzt, steigt nun wieder im Ring. Sein spektakulären Boxstil ist wirklich sehenswert. Aram tritt diesmal gegen den unbesiegten Tom Tran. Beide Boxer it Bilanz von 6-0-0. Ein spannender Kampf!


Saturday 17 June 2017

Tabea-Sporthalle, Halle, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany

commission: Bund Deutscher Faustkämpfer
promoter: Rene Mueller
Super Bantamweight Aram Khachatryan 6 0 0 S Tom Tran 6 0 0

Cruiserweight Alexander Nedbei 3 0 0 S Mateusz Gatek 5 10 0

Super Lightweight Marcel Herfurth debut S Tomasz Goluch 4 7 0

Super Middleweight Roland Lonadi Dindi debut S Kasjan Inglot 1 2 0

Heavyweight Philipp Thiele debut S Oleksandr Pavliuk 2 1 0
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Aram kämpft wie ein Löwe wieder am 03.10.2015 in Hamburg


Aram Khachatryan oder Löwenherz wird wieder am 03.10.2015 im Ring steigen. Die Zuschauer können sich wieder auf seine spektakulären Boxstil freuen. Der versprechende Boxer Aram traut sich diesmal über sechs Runden zu boxen. Ob er nun die ganze Distanz benötigt gibt es Grund zu bezweifeln.

Holger Petersen bringt wieder klasse Boxer mit großartigem Boxen zu sehen am 03.10.2015 in der Boxsporthalle Braamkamp, Hamburg. Eine kleine Halle und hier gilt das Motto: Klein aber fein!



TICKETS:   Hammer Gym, Gotenstraße 4, Hammerbrook, Hamburg
oder email an


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Boxing made for boxing-fans! Fight night of Holger Petersen in Hamburg

IMG_0026 IMG_0031  _MG_0139  _MG_0275

It was a marvellous event in Hamburg in the small boxing arena at Braamkamp. Fights of high class and great match-making. at the fight night were the presse of the big newspapers Hamburger Abendblatt and Bild-Zeitung represented as well as the crittical blogger Uwe Betker. Downunder you find link to the report from Uwe Betker. The former champion Rocky Graciano Rocchigiani and former speaker Gerd Müller visited the event and was even so excited of this great fight night.

DSC08369Aram Khachatryan, 4-0-0, being taped from Artur Grigorian

The promising prospect Aram Khachatryan told he was calm and good prepared. In the ring he had to meet the very experienced Nikoloz Berkatsashvili who have fought 38 bouts and won 25! A very big risk for this young Lionheart from Team Löwenherz. In the first round Aram sliped twice and in the second he missed the referee´s break-command and lost one point because of that. The spirit and will of fighting was so obvious from Aram and in the 4th round he did even knock out his opponent. Even Uwe Betker is telling us to keep the eyes of Aram and remember his name.

_MG_0084 _MG_0088 _MG_0116


_MG_0124  _MG_0125

Elias Espadas did electrify the latinamerican fans and made a short process. Espadas knocked out Samedovi in the 1st round. the sound of the fans made you believe it was a bigger place as this small boxing arena.


_MG_0145  _MG_0157 DSC08394

The female bout of 6 rounds between the strong Maria Lindberg and the Hungarian Melinda Lazar started good. Lazar should that she has the experience of 63 amateur bouts even if she is new in the professional boxing scene. Her first pro fight she won vs Szabados, who fought a week ago a championship vs Nikki Adler. It was very clear that Melinda can box. Maria was so disappointed of her last fight that her opponent who was two weightclasses over the normal weight-class of Maria did not want to box and got knocked out already in the second round. This time Maria wished to show the audience more of her boxing talents. After accidental head butt the fight had to be stopped in the 3rd round. Maria was very disappointed of this end. In the ring the bout was declared as a draw but the official record is a No Decision.

Melinda Lazar got a bad cut on her right eyelid, so it was no chance to continue the bout.


_MG_0172 _MG_0175 _MG_0176 _MG_0181

The bout between Jürgen Doberstein vs George Aduashvili was scheduled for 8 rounds and in the 3rd round it was over for the Georgian opponent of the Dobermann of Saarland. A boxing of high class. In round 3 was Aduashvili counted and continued the fight. Doberstein made pressured and got knocked down again, so the coach threw the towel but referee Timo Habighorst continued counting till 8 and then stopped the fight. TKO win for Doberstein.

_MG_0233 _MG_0255 _MG_0267


_MG_0283 _MG_0294DSC08390 _MG_0346

The main fight was a boxing of it very best. Rafael Bejaran showed his great class of boxing. The Georgian Zura Mekereshvili was a tough and brave boxer with real boxing heart. When it looks like that Mekereshvili has lost the fight he did found new power and made a hard work for Bejaran. This fight did electrify everyone in the arena. A bout to enjoy for every boxing fan. Well done of these great boxers. In the end Bejaran won the bout, UD. Rafael Bejaran is now aiming an European Championship.

_MG_0350 _MG_0475  _MG_0531


The next fight night of Holger Petersen will be at the 03.10.2015, the Day of the German Reunification, Tag der Wiedervereinigung. We are looking forward to it!

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Blog from Uew Betker:

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Aram Khachatryan vs Nikoloz Berkatsashvili

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