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Kambis Rahmani vs Ante Siljeg

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Shocking news from Croatia: Bilic arrested for murder

Ante Bilic is arrested in Split, Croatia, after he should have shoten down a wellknown criminal outside the cafe Popeye. Marijan Bilic Kovacevic called Kova was shoten in his leg. As he tried to escape he was shoten down and died waiting of the ambulance and police. The evident happends about 1.40 am at tuesday and at 3.00 am the police arrested Ante Bilic Barrabas as suspected to be the murder.

Kova was in the 90s convicted of murder, got 12,5 years. Two years ago he was on trial for dealing with drugs.

Ante Bilic won at 21st April 2012 the WBO European Championship in a bout against Rafael Bejaran. ECB boss Erol Ceylan has just arranged at the WBO convention in Florida Bilic to be the challenger of the WBO World Championship in middleweight. Ceylan cannot believe that Ante Bilic is a murder and will support his family and pregnant wife and even given the condolences to the family of the victim.

Ante Bilic was the former bodyguard of Split mayor Zeljko Kerum.



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Cagri Ermis + Ante Bilic boxing in Split, Croatia at 06.10.2012

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# 8. Ante Bilic, middleweight

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WBO Ranking middleweight 07.2012

  #4. Ante Bilic

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