The Black Cobra, Tijan Kebbeh, fights in Wismar 10.10.2020

The light heavyweight boxer Tijan Kebbeh, alias The Black Cobra, will enter the ring in Wismar, Germany at the 10.10.2020. Kebbeh wll go a fight of 6 rounds at the event of PSP Boxing Promotion in the Mehrzweckhalle, Dorf Mecklenburg. In Germany has Tijan been mostly active and even joined events of PSP Boxing. The audience in Germany like to see The Black Cobra, he has got fans because of his boxing skills and hard fighting style.

Tijan is a Swedish citizen living in Alingsås, and had an international amateur career before he went professional. His coach is Iman Bijilo, Sweden, who like Tijan is born in The Gambia. Both are making a nice team. Added assistance in the corner he has got from experienced top-fighter and coach like Khoren Gevor. The team of Niels Schmidt, one of the headliners at the event in Wismar have even supported the sympathic Cobra.

Tijan Kebbeh is feeling well in the ring in Germany. He is convinced to bring another victory on 10th October to Sweden and Gambia.

Hopefully some Swedish Fans will even visit Dorf Mecklenburg on Saturday 10.10. It is easy to reach by the ferries to Rostock or Travemünde. By the way, this part of northern Germany was for a while Swedish territory and in Wismar you find a well-known restaurant called „Alter Schwede“.



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