High class boxing in Malta on a sold-out event

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Gladiators Fight Night 9 at Dolmen Hotel in Bugibba at 29.11.214 was a sold-out event. The audience were lucky to see high-class combat sport.
Mixed with the kick-boxing and K1 was even boxing. Totally 16 bouts made it to a long and great Saturday fight night. The Maltese spectators got even to see talented boxers who definitely have a chance to be big names in the international boxing scene. The Libyan Malik Alzanat who lives since five years in Malta is for sure the best boxer we can enjoy in Malta. The 21 year old boxer from Brown Boxing Gym is a rising star. Just watch the video with his fight!
Malik Alzanat won his boxing fight vs Torre Riccardo, 28 y.o. rom Italy, with KO in round 1 at time 1:10.

Video: https://leifpm.co/2014/11/30/the-boxing-talent-malik-alzanat/

Richard Vella won a TKO in R2 at 0:53 vs Ciccio Saporito.
Garth Galea did even not use the full bout time of 6 rounds. After ending the third round the Italian opponent gave up and did not start the forth round. Result TKO R4, time 0:00.

Christian Schembri should have been boxing but it got changed to a K1 fight in the last minute. The change was not in Christian’s favour. He lost in round 1 at time 1:15. Next time will Schembri be back at boxing. The injury he got in his head was treated of the doctor and we wish Christian to be well very soon.
Next time it will be his day again.

Brandon Borg is a self-confident fighter. His K1 fight was amazing to see. Brandon is a talented combat sporter

The professional bout with Tyrone Borg was the first time that Tyrone did not win on a KO. The great boxer Nando Calzetta with a MBA-license had a hard chin and even Tyrone’s hart punchers did not bring Nando down on the floor. Nando is a quick and clever boxer. The score-cards were 2 x 60-54 and 58-56 n favour to Tyrone Borg who won a UD.
Tyrone was not so sure himself about the scoring because it was a very close fight. The hard and clean punchers from Tyrone convinced the judges. It was a new experience for Borg and he showed that he can even fight more then one or two rounds.
Promoters liked the technique and heart to box of Calzetta, so we will be able to enjoy him in the ring in Malta in the future. Welcome to Malta, Nando!
Nando Photo: Nando Calzetta

Articles: https://leifpm.co/2014/11/13/boxing-in-malta-at-29-11-2014/


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