Maria Lindberg has got an offer to fight in Washington DC

Renaissance Hotel, Washington DC

Maria Lindberg has got an offer to fight in middleweight about the WIBA title against Tori Nelson in Washington DC.

Tori Nelson will be fighting Teresa Perozzi, 9(1)-4-2, in a bout about the vacant WBC female middleweight title and the WBA female middleweight title in Cedarbridge Academy Gymnasium, Pembroke, Bermuda at the 2nd Feb. 2013.

Maria had planned to make a titlefight at 16.03.2013 in Germany, but has now got an offer which is very attractive.

Saturday 30 March 2013 Renaissance Hotel, Washington, District of Columbia, USA

10 rounds middleweight Tori Nelson 6-0-2
vs Maria Lindberg 8(2)-1-2

WIBA Women’s International Boxing Association middleweight title


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