Jimmy Montoya has fine-tuned Stephan Alms!


When the Danish boxing stable Euro Event opens its doors to professional boxing on 15th December in Gigantium in Aalborg, it will be with a top-tuned Stephan Alms on the program. After two months in the hands of American Jimmy Montoya, who also trains Mikkel Kessler, the Aarhus Boxer ready to entertain the Danish boxing audience.

27-year-old Alms (2-0, 1 KO) boxer’s only the third professional fight in Aalborg, where he meets Baltic Boxing Union champion AndrejsLoginovs (12-23-1, 5 KO) from Latvia over six laps. Loginovs will not be any „easy“ opponent, and as late as the 30th November he gave Tony Hill, who acted as a sparring partner for Kessler up to his upcoming fight against Brian Magee, a hard fight before the Englishman was declared the winner on points.

Loginovs also has as recently as April this year elapsed time out against the former Kessler opponent Mehdi Bouadla (26-4, 11 KO) from France, who, on the night Loginovs meetings Alms in Aalborg, challenger Arthur Abraham WBO World Cup Germany.

But Alms, alongside boxing works as a telecommunications technician, feel better than ever, and he is confident that he can defeat his experienced opponent in impressive fashion:

„In my last fight I had the opportunity to test the result of a training camp with Jimmy Montoya, and I could feel a big difference between what I used to do and the new combinations Jimmy taught me. Had the battle bin over six laps, then I think that I had won by knockout, „Alms said.

„I’ve changed a lot in my training and in my diet, and I feel I’ve got more energy. After two months training with Jimmy up to fight in Aalborg, I got even more combinations under the skin, and I am excited to show what I can do now. “

Alms grew up in the small German village of Saalbach near Rostock, and began boxing as a 10-year-old. His father and uncles were all good fighters, and even as a 12-year-old moved young Stephan from home when he was admitted to an elite school in Schwerin.

Despite the fact that he was born in Germany, has German parents and first moved to Denmark as an adult, he feels today almost as Danish and German, and it was also for the Danish national team he achieved the greatest achievements in amateur career at 220 matches, with 181 victories.

As „Dane“ Alms won the Danish championship three times, the Nordic Championship and got silver at the European Championships in 2009, as he calls his greatest sporting experience. But he is sure that it is the German background there is one of his greatest strengths as a boxer:

„I have a strong will, a good physique and good impact strength, but I also have my German discipline in my luggage. I was brought up to be self-disciplined, and it is a huge advantage to have as a boxer. “

Self-discipline, a great talent, and the great routine from a long amateur career, with games against some of the best in the world, can make the road to title matches shorter for Stephan Alms than what normal is, and he hopes that the first title match can already be in a year and a half.

But first he must defeat AndrejsLoginovs in Aalborg, and then Christmas is celebrated with his girlfriend Line before the countdown to the next step towards the top starting in the New Year. Preparations with Montoya, and the inspiration it gives to train with a world class fighter like Kessler, has made Alms ready to finish 2012 with a bang!


Article:   http://leifpm.com/2012/10/14/kim-poulsen-fights-at-15-12-2012/


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