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The Bulldog Mhlongo from South-Africa is back in Germany! Fight at 15.07.2017


Last time Nkululeko Mhlongo was fighting he even did it in Germany. In April he made a great fight vs Rafael Bejaran. The Bulldog is a strong fighter with excellent condition. This time he will be in Nürnberg and fighting agianst the #64 Wanik Awdijan. Mhlongo is ranked #80. A brilliant matchmaking.

It is very good idea to go to Nürnberg and watch this event and the bout The Bulldog vs Wanik Awdijan.


Saturday 15 July 2017

Alex Sportcentrum, Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Bayern, Germany

commission: Austrian Boxing Federation
Middleweight Wanik Awdijan 19 1 0 S Nkululeko Mhlongo 15 4 0

Cruiserweight Nenad Pagonis 5 0 0 S TBA

Super Welterweight Dario Socci 9 3 1 S TBA
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