Helenius boxing 10.09.2016 on Åland


On 10 September Robert “The Nordic Nightmare” Helenius will step into the ring again at Paf Boxing Gala in Mariehamn on Åland. His opponent will be the experienced German boxer Konstantin Airich, who has had over 40 professional fights.

– I have met Konstantin at sparring camps in Germany before and have sparred with him there, says Helenius.

Many tough matches

Konstantin Airich has had 42 professional matches in his career and has been very active in the ring in recent years. Last year Airich had six professional matches in total and this year he has already had three.

– He has had tough matches against tough opponents, among them Anthony Joshua. With all those matches he’s sure to be in good shape. It will certainly be a good fight for me facing him, says Helenius.

Height advantage

Helenius has already thought about how he wants to beat his opponent.

– It will be a tough and exciting match, I think. I’ll keep to my own boxing style and show off a better version of myself than last time. I’ll make sure to make use of my height and keep him at a distance, says Helenius.

Time for action

Helenius doesn’t mince his words when he explains how important this match in Mariehamn will be for him.

– I want to show everyone that I’m back after my loss in April and that this match is another step forward. And I even want to show myself that I’m back and continuing towards my goal of becoming world champion, says Helenius.

Paf Boxing Gala is being arranged in Mariehamn on Åland. Click here for more information about tickets and the event.


Saturday 10 September 2016

Heavyweight Robert Helenius 22 1 0 S Konstantin Airich 23 17 2

Light Heavyweight Dayron Lester 5 0 0 S TBA

Welterweight Kaupo Arro debut S TBA

Heavyweight Gunnar Kolbeinn Kristinsson 6 0 0 S TBA

Middleweight Sanna Turunen debut S TBA

Welterweight Timo Juhani Hirvikangas 3 1 0 S TBA

Light Heavyweight Armend Latifi debut S TBA
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