Interview with Ilja Mezencev, who is fighting at 10.04.2015, broadcast on Eurosport

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The 19 year old heavyweight boxer Ilja Mezencev will be fighting his 9th professional bout the 10.04.2015 at the event „Frankfurter Jungs“ of PSP-Boxing in Germany. Ilja is unbeaten with the fabolous record of 8 knock-outs!
He is training at Krafthaus in Schenefeld by Hamburg. In the interview he tells that he has fought 20 times as an amateur and lives in Hamburg. The preparation is doing very well and Ilja loves to get into the ring again. It will not be the first time Mezencev will be seen in TV. This time it will braodcast from Eurosport. Ilja´s fight in Latvia did even got broadcast.
This is a young boxer worth to remember his name!

INTERVIEW (in German language):


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3 Gedanken zu „Interview with Ilja Mezencev, who is fighting at 10.04.2015, broadcast on Eurosport

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