Nordic Fight Night 13.04.2013 in Frederikshavn


Rudy Markussen (38-3, 25 KOs) will take on Luke Blackledge (12-0-1, 4 KOs) on April 13 as the Nordic Fight Night returns to Frederikshavn´s Arena Nord. Blackledge came to fame in Denmark last June when he stopped Mads Larsen in what was only his tenth fight. Meanwhile, the Hardhitter celebrated a successful comeback on the Kessler-Magee undercard, knocking out Daniel Regi in the first round. “Markussen versus Blackledge is an exciting fight that makes a lot of sense for both of them,” promoter Nisse Sauerland said. “Rudy has no time to waste, he needs to hold off an extremely talented prospect like Blackledge if he wants to fight for a title again. Blackledge, on the other hand, would have a huge name if he stopped another Danish boxing great, which I don´t think he will, though. We´re thrilled to return to Frederikshavn with an action-packed card. The atmosphere at Arena Nord has been sensational during our last two visits.”

Markussen, who has knocked out five of his last six opponents, wants to make Blackledge pay for beating Larsen. “I saw the fight, Blackledge is a good kid,” Markussen said. “But that´s what he is, just a talented kid who will be in trouble once he tastes my power. I am convinced I will knock him out.”

Said Blackledge: “It was an honour to fight Mads Larsen and I am thrilled to return to Denmark. The example of Brian Magee shows where victories over Larsen and Markussen can get you – to the very top! I intend to take the same route and after knocking out Larsen, Markussen is the next in line. I look forward to going to Frederikshavn.”

Per Malmberg, CEO of Arena Nord, is delighted to bring the Nordic Fight Night back to town. “We had two great boxing events at Arena Nord in 2012,” he said. “There is a lot of love for boxing in Frederikshavn and I´m sure the atmosphere as well as the fight action will again be brilliant on March 16.”

The Nordic Fight Night will once again feature the very best of Nordic boxing, with further fights announced shortly. Tickets are on sale at

Saturday 13 April 2013     Arena Nord, Frederikshavn, Denmark
commission: Dansk Professionelt Bokse-Forbund
promoter: Nisse Sauerland (SPAG)
matchmaker: Hagen Doering
television: Denmark 3+   Sweden TV 10

10×2 rounds   welterweight    Cecilia Braekhus    „First Lady“        21(5)-0-0
vs Mia St John    47(18)-12(3)-2
WBA female welterweight title
WBO female welterweight title
WBC female welterweight title

10 rounds light heavyweight    Rudy Markussen    38(25)-3(2)-0
vs    Luke Blackledge    12(4)-0-1

6 rounds    super featherweight    Dennis Ceylan    4(2)-0-0
vs    TBA

6 rounds   light heavyweight    Ismail Özen  6(6)-1(1)-0
vs  Josef Obeslo    3(1)-8(2)-1

6 rounds light middleweight Torben Keller 6(2)-0-1 vs TBA

4 rounds   light heavyweight    Kristoffer Storm  1-0-0   vs  Simen Smaadal    4(2)-0-0

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