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Senad Gashi is back, Fight in Tetovo, North Macedonia

GashineGun returns to Tetovo and will go in the ring on 30th July 2022. In 2019 Senad Gashi won against Bsonian Amateur Champion Ervin Dzinic with a knock-out in the first round. Senad promised to return and now he is fulfilling his promise. Pro Boxing Macedonia is sanctioning the event. Halim Abazi from Boxclub Shkendija No Limit is very proud to bring back GashineGun to Tetovo.

Good luck to all!

Saturday 30, July 2022wiki  City SquareTetovoMacedoniacommissionPro Boxing MacedoniapromoterLimi Llama (Boxclub Shkendija No Limit)
divisionw-l-dlast 6roundsw-l-dlast 6sport
Pending Approval
heavySenad Gashi22 3 0S8TBApro boxingbout wiki
super middleAli Azemi1 0 0S6Achilles Szabo25 30 0pro boxingbout wiki
heavyNelson Hysa1 0 0S6TBApro boxingbout wiki
super middleLulzim Bajrami7 0 0S6TBApro boxingbout wiki
super welterSumbu Nsasi8 1 0S6TBApro boxingbout wiki
featherElif Nur Turhan1 0 0S6×2TBApro boxingbout wiki
super lightJasin LjamadebutS4TBA
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