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Ismail Özen with the most fans at the event

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At the Fight Night with the name „Back to the roots“ in Hamburg at Saturday 05.12.2015 did Ismail Özen even fought. At his walk-in it was for sure that it was his audience. A third of the spectators were fans of Ismail. What a great atmosphere when Ismail is entering the hall and walking in to the ring. It was loud and great.

The bout went less spectatcular and Mihal Macovei, Romania, showed that he can really box. Macovei has done 27 pro fights. He was quick and very active. The judges scored a mayority decission (MD) in favour of Özen with the scores: 56-58, 56-58 and 57-57. The red corner of Macovei seemed disliking the result as well as the audience. Özen excused for his performance to not being that perfect as expected.

Ismail Özen is a brave person, taking part for the Kurdish people. He even went to Kobane and gave his support to the people who were attacked from the IS. Biggest respect to Ismail Özen.


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