Mazikin vs Hammer about the WBO European at 22.02.2013


ECB´s boss Erol Ceylan has promised Oleksiy Mazikin at the 28th September 2012 in Göttingen that he may fight against Christian Hammer about the WBO European title. Now this fight will take part at the 22nd February 2013 in Galati, Romania.

The promise to Mazikin was made of following reasons:

The opponent of Christian Hammer, Danny Williams, putted new additional requirements to fight in Göttingen. The EC Boss contacted Mazikin in Kharkov, Ukraine, in order for, just in case, to have a replacement opponent at hand. Mazikin acceppted and packed his suitcase and left immediately.

Danny Williams made even in the cabin demands, so to secure the fight moved also Mazikin a few yards behind Williams to the ring.  His gloves were already signed by supervisor Koko Kovacs, who was informed about this action.  Ceylan: „I was not sure until the last minute whether Williams, whose additional requests or demands I had rejected all the time, would really climb into the ring. If not, now would indeed be able to let Mazikin get in „.

The now „soft“ Williams punched actually, and he tried to box, but got out of a powerful Christian Hammer beating him twice to the ground. In round 4, was then already all over and the serious men could take a shower. Ceylan. „For his sportsmanship in Göttingen Mazikin is now receiving the promised reward.“



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